Our contribution to the Environment

Majestic Minima Hotel is committed to environmental sustainability.

We encourage guests to be sustainable during their stay at Majestic Minima Hotel and to minimise their environmental impact.

Some initiatives we have in place:


  • Power save device to each room – when guests go out they pull the access card out shutting down power to air conditioning, lighting and television saving significant amount of  power
  • Less light fittings installed therefore less lights for guests to leave on.
  • Natural daylight is used in the reception whenever possible  
  • Small rooms take near half the time to clean – more sustainable environmentally and commercially
  • Our employees are educated to turn off lights and turn down heating/air conditioning when rooms are unoccupied and during summer months, to close the curtains
  • We offer discounts to stay multiple nights which reduces cleaning and is more sustainable
  • Majestic Minima’s smaller rooms equates to reduced the power use
  • We recommend local restaurants within walking distance for our guests


  • Signage encouraging reuse of bed linen as opposed to daily replacement
  • Signage encouraging reuse of towels as opposed to daily replacement
  • Regular maintenance checks to avoid leaking taps
  • Reuse of crockery by providing washing detergent for guests to use
  • Washing machines are both water and energy conserving models. This service is offered Free of Charge to guests


  • Green transportation is encouraged - Free Bike hire, walking maps and information on public transportation, including the Free City Connector Bus is provided
  • We encourage guests to take advantage of our great location and walk where possible
  • Guest amenities are bought in bulk, saving on extra journeys and packaging


  • Daily reduced service  without replenishment of supplies soap and shampoo
  • We use email for confirmation, invoicing and issuing receipts  

It is important that we all are committed to being environmentally sustainable. Some recommended websites are: