Room #06 | Anemone  Main Image

Room #06 | Anemone

John Quan

Initially trained in the fields of Industrial Design, as well as Fashion Design, John commenced a 2 year traineeship in 2007 in the JamFactory furniture studio. Since completing the associate program, he has been involved in a broad range of creative pursuits, which include creating one-off furniture pieces, designing products for limited production and developing new works for exhibitions.

‘I am inspired by my interactions with my environment as well as the people around me and I strive to create an emotional link between my objects/furniture and my audience.

Drawing upon my training in industrial design and fashion design, I endeavour to further the understanding of my own craft through ongoing experimentation with materials and processes.

All my experiences have culminated in a very pragmatic approach to design and I believe that good design is something that people should be able to live with day to day'.

"This piece allows the guest to be creative. There is metal plate on the wall holding a red wand (magnet). Guests can play with the anemone by waving or poking the wand near the tape which will be attracted or repelled by the wand. It produces quite a hypnotic effect as the loops of tape flick back to their original position, like watching rice stalks in the wind but on a much smaller scale.

I have also included a link to a short YouTube video demonstrating the magnetic effect in action.

Warning: The magnet is very powerful and has a lifting force of approximately 160kg. It might be possible to pinch fingers (if your hand is caught between the magnet and a metal surface)."


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