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Room #07 | Untitled

Seb Humphreys

'From my earliest paintings as a child I have been intrigued by the relationships between geometric forms and the growth patterns within nature. Finding an aesthetic balance between these two forces is the common thread of my work.’

​Seb Humphreys took on the moniker ' Order ' in the year 2000 and later the number 55 to further signify the depth of the meaning and direction of his work. His journey of style development originated with the search of letter perfection and integration of subtle and complex forms tied to the name Order. As times have rolled out, the sole reliance on letters as a structural base has been left behind, with the style escaping these confines and seeping into the realms of realism yet at the same time delving towards pure abstraction.

"Creation is a circumstance of endless beginnings, a constant rhythm continuously starting from nowhere, a self generated effect with no apparent cause. An unchanging changer and the first link in an unbreakable chain of events. It comes from you. Somewhere. You bring it from nothing, and it spontaneously begins. And once it has begun their is no recourse, not for the creation, creator or viewer. None will remain unaffected."

Like a journey that has reached its no turning back point, a creation once set in motion cannot enfold upon itself, even if contained or suppressed it will morph and seek another path to its expressive outlet. It is the heart beat of life. The power of you that holds the essence of who you are.

Minima Hotel

So close to everything.

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  2. Free Bus to City Centre 75m
  3. Women & Children's Hospital 850m
  4. Adelaide Zoo 1km
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