Room #09 | Pixel Face  Main Image

Room #09 | Pixel Face

Peter Drew

Peter Drew was born  Adelaide, Australia and now lives in Glasgow, Scotland. He has been practicing as an artist since 2006 and publishing writing on visual art since 2009. He makes studio-based work for the gallery and creates uncommissioned art for the urban landscape. These works can be found in Adelaide, Berlin, Glasgow, London, Melbourne, New York and Sydney.

‘Most of my recent street art features a set of pixelated faces that have something to do with the flatness and banality of human emotions once they’ve passed through technology. Everyday we use technology to replace the person to person interactions that our emotions have evolved to rely upon, becoming more connected but further apart. In this way technology’s failures are sewn within its triumphs. I like to remember this as it entwines us’.

From the curator:

This pixel face is, or was for a time, omnipresent in the city and synonymous with Adelaide Street Art. Peter's contribution to the local art scene has been enormous. This piece celebrates his creation, the pixel face and the increased appreciation of, or at least discussion about, street art in Adelaide.

The classic pixel face has been extended by adding another classic icon, the light bulb representing inspiration; inspiration being the source of all human creation.

The artwork has been painted using a roller, Peter's weapon of choice.

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