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Room #105 | Neon

James L. Marshall

James L. Marshall’s practice examines how cinema has shaped technological advancement and aesthetics IRL (In real life). Hollywood has created a world in which we are close to mirroring and technology is mimicking science fiction; blurring of virtual and physical. Marshall works across media, including digital drawings and collages, video, large sculptural objects and site specific installations. Larger works position themselves between fine art object, functional prop and film set. Using reductive processes Marshall combines various semiotic codes to create artworks that are pared back and nod to modernism.

Marshall has exhibited throughout Australia, California, and in Sweden, as well as presenting his research at the Fourth Global Conference of Fear, Horror and Terror at Oxford University. James has initiated and facilitated various exhibitions and events focusing on the confluences between film and contemporary visual art as long term Co-Director of FELTspace, Adelaide and Assistant Director at RAID projects, Los Angeles.


‘During the wee hours, we’re all in this together, our spirits spooned like lovers’
bodies' | Walter Kirn, American novelist and literary critic.

'I’ve always found hotels to be uncanny; a transitional space where guests create their own worlds behind closed doors. In each room the occupant acts out a story and whether for business or leisure, rest, or love, a new set of values is adopted. In any given hotel, on any given night, dozens of these micro-narratives simultaneously play out—pooling to create a collective physic energy. This energy hums through the night like the electrical networks connecting a city. For a brief moment every guest is connected and their stories intertwined. Rather than presenting a definitive perspective, the space is exaggerated and invites guests to sink into their own alternate reality. The soft, bubblegum pink hints at a sensual encounter; the glowing, neon face a murmur of self-awareness. Tonight we are together but at dawn we go our separate ways.'

Minima Hotel

So close to everything.

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