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Room #107 | Seeds of Life

Vans the Omega

Roughly based in Adelaide Australia, Vans the Omega (aka Joel Van Moore) has been creating & painting letterforms for over two decades, which has seen him, travel around the globe consistently since 2000. Most of his influences have come from ancient scripts, architecture, engineering, nature & the idea of movement or balance.

Currently the mix of sharp highly technical machine like shapes, seemingly impossible patterns mixed with a traditional graffiti aesthetic based on sound foundations are blending to produce new innovative works which continue to push the boundaries on a world scale & propel his own desires to reinvent & perfect his craft on a daily level.

"The abstract shapes of this piece incorporate the initial cell division of the human body in the womb and the subsequent rippling division & changes in form held by sacred geometry out into the exterior of wall and ceiling. The choice in colour pallet is strongly influenced by the idea of the living creative elements of fire, wind, water and earth."

Minima Hotel

So close to everything.

  1. Majestic Minima Hotel You are here
  2. Free Bus to City Centre 75m
  3. Women & Children's Hospital 850m
  4. Adelaide Zoo 1km
  5. Adelaide Oval 1.4km
  6. Art Gallery & Museum 2.1km
  7. City Centre 2.1km