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Room #108 | Untitled

Gabriel Cole

There is no one gesture or answer to the idea of creation and creativity. Thinking of creation with an art dependency is naïve. Creation is an energy; a moving force. An energy in a step, in a brush stroke, in a masterpiece of visual muse, or perhaps your Braun ABK 31 clock. Creation consumes movements that are gestured from within, a connection to a greater force, a possible religion of some kind but never specific.


Minima Hotel

So close to everything.

  1. Majestic Minima Hotel You are here
  2. Free Bus to City Centre 75m
  3. Women & Children's Hospital 850m
  4. Adelaide Zoo 1km
  5. Adelaide Oval 1.4km
  6. Art Gallery & Museum 2.1km
  7. City Centre 2.1km