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Room #11 | Love

Naomi Murrell

Naomi Murrell designs keepsakes for fun lovers. Her nostalgic line of folk ­finery will bring a smile to your style. Driven by the impulse to capture beauty and share it with others, Naomi's ethically produced jewellery is big on hope, happiness and simple pleasures. Naomi hearts drawing and design. A lover of pictures, puns and vintage posters, she lives in Adelaide, Australia where she combines creative work with cups of tea and folk music appreciation.

Having graced the pages of many a ­mag, the likes of Frankie, Yen and Vogue all agree NM is top shelf. With a loyal flock of collectors and an impressive treasury of national stockists including Obüs and the Art Gallery of NSW, NM is winning hearts all over the place.

Supported by her fella, Director of Sales + Good Times: Dave Stace, and her creative dynamo assistant: Julie White, there’s a lot of love and laughter in this studio!

"I design keepsakes for fun lovers. My take on the creation theme is based on my design philosophy which is to approach all creative work with heart and honesty. I'm driven to capture the beauty I ­nd in the world and share it. In doing so I hope to bring a sense of peace and happiness to folks around me. My piece for the Minima Art Hotel Project, in tones of citrine and gold, depicts my signature lovebirds in a place of serenity and whimsy".

Minima Hotel

So close to everything.

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  2. Free Bus to City Centre 75m
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