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Room #111 | Tree: Such Great Heights

Tiffany Rysdale

Tiffany Rysdale was born in Scotland, UK in 1986. Her family migrated to Adelaide in 1994 where she currently resides. She works as a freelance artist frequently showing in exhibitions and working on public artworks. A recent Bachelor graduate of Visual Arts and Applied Design, she was selected to exhibit in the 2011 Helpmann Academy Graduate Show.

Her artworks are imaginative, often toying with and exploring a narrative. She designs and hand-makes soft toys, which are then brought to life on canvas, depicted as living creatures in her paintings.

The techniques incorporated in her art practice differs depending on the media used. Paintings are prepared on Belgian linen or canvas and painted with oils. Small-scale brushwork is applied for fabric pattern detail, along with blending and glazing techniques. She often documents murals and wall paintings in time-lapse photography to illustrate the process of painting and to capture the moment the piece comes to life on film.

"My fantastical characters inhabit a world of pure imagination and creativity- and hence are a creation. As an artist I am a creator. I design characters, which have then evolved into 3D creations and come to life depicted as living creatures in my artworks."

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