Room #116 | Ame-no-nuboko  Main Image

Room #116 | Ame-no-nuboko

Tree House Projects

Tree House Projects (T.H.Pro) was founded by Matt Stuckey and Joel van der Knaap with the specific goal of helping emerging creators, producers and unique retailers present themselves at a competitive, international standard. We draw on our experience in advertising, exhibiting and curating to create thoughtful campaigns and experiential events, tailored to inspire and motivate audiences. |

"A take on the Japanese story of the creation of the first land this image depicts the divine being Izanami. The first gods Kunitokotachi and Amenominakanushi had summoned two divine beings into existence, the male Izanagi and the female Izanami, and charged them with creating the first land. To help them do this, Izanagi and Izanami were given a spear decorated with jewels, named Ame-no-nuboko (heavenly spear). The two deities then went to the bridge between heaven and earth, Ame-no-ukihashi ("floating bridge of heaven"), and churned the sea below with the spear. When drops of salty water fell from the spear, Onogoroshima ("self-forming island") was created. They descended from the bridge of heaven and made their home on the island. From their union were born the great eight islands of Japan."



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