Room #201 | Hand-shakability (easy access room)  Main Image

Room #201 | Hand-shakability (easy access room)

Joshua Searson

Josh is a practicing visual artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. His work incorporates printmaking mediums such as screenprinting, etching, drypoint and mono-print, often in combination with non-print media. Through his work he creates collages and collections of disparate images and texts, which deal with a variety of themes and concepts.

"The themes of the painting are created in response to the evolving definition of the contemporary Australian worker and workplace; in recent years, we have witnessed a shift away from the traditional nine-til-five grind. In these hectic times, the modern worker must possess seemingly super-human levels of flexibility and creativity, combined with good ol’ fashioned hard work and hand-shakability, in order to conquer his or her chosen field. When the smoke clears from the rubble of mal-functioning smart phones and coffee-stained diaries, we acknowledge the creation of enterprises, and even entire industries, forged by these hard-working entrepreneurial business men and women."

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