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Room #206 | Peace

Matthew Stuckey

Matthew Stuckey is an artist and designer who works across many disciplines and media. His commercial and personal work often deals with the subject of how to utilise and humanise spaces, be they a flat canvas, a wall or the 3D built environment. Other murals by Matthew can currently be seen on Leigh Street, Ebenezer Place and Sym Choon Lane. Matthew has painted two rooms at the Minima Hotel and is the curator for the Minima Art Hotel Project.

"Make Love, Not Snore. Peace."

Minima Hotel

So close to everything.

  1. Majestic Minima Hotel You are here
  2. Free Bus to City Centre 75m
  3. Women & Children's Hospital 850m
  4. Adelaide Zoo 1km
  5. Adelaide Oval 1.4km
  6. Art Gallery & Museum 2.1km
  7. City Centre 2.1km