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Room #213 | In Dreams

Sue Ninham

Sue Ninham is an Adelaide based artist who has been exhibiting since 2002. Painting in oil on canvas and watercolour on paper primarily, her work explores form and colour through abstraction. She finds the process of non-representation challenging, stimulating her intellectually. Working continuously to experiment with content, materials and technique, she believes her work is enriched by the confidence gained from abandonment and experimentation.

Sue is the winner of the 2012 Adelaide Fringe poster award. Her work is held in collections nationally and internationally.

Sue is represented in Adelaide by BMG art gallery

"When I paint I draw my forms and colours from a subconscious place. Much of what I ‘see’ is dreamlike and relates loosely to my conscious world. In responding to the theme of ‘creation’ I conjured images in this way, collaging them together using other-world colours and random associations. A fantasy bedroom is born!"


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