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Room #214 | Hills Hoist

Donovan Christie

From Russell Starke OAM, Director
"His acutely observed angles of urbanisation are purely and particularly his own; as natural to his sharp eyes as gentle landscapes may be to others. I predict that Donovan Christie will be the artist of whom you can say “I knew him when…”


Donovan Christie is a young emerging acrylic artist, his main body of work generally consists of Hyper-Realism Streetscapes and Landmarks, mainly focusing on the iconic corners of his hometown Adelaide.


"I so frequently find myself standing still and appreciating things that people take for granted in life. This outlook makes me an avid admirer of people, architecture and urban landscapes in particular. I was given the subject of 'CREATE'. I approached this topic as I do most of my pieces of work, with a home town (Adelaide) aspect. I felt that the 'Hills Hoist' (one of South Australia's most iconic creations) along with the Colour bond steel fencing and galvo roofs, that nothing could ring truer to home."

Minima Hotel

So close to everything.

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