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Room #216 | Untitled

Kaspar Schmidt-Mumm

Creation = imagination of a dream = rearrangement and destruction = gamma rays bouncing off your screen, creating your realization of this introduction = the result of gears in a machine = a giant heap of cow dung’s shade of green = or the left eyebrow of Mr.Bean. Creativity has no exclusivity, whether you’re sitting silently in a guava tree, or building a 1:1 scale sculpture of mercury, its all creativity. It seeps out of us, unnoticed, and is replaced by something un-noted. Like a dogs pre-chewed bone, carried by a roach on his gas pipe throne. It’s hitting a pine cone, which reverberates sounds like a xylophone. The point is, there is so much creation gone unnoticed. To the point where observation of creativity can be complete ‘Hocus Pocus’. Kaspar’s work is based on the creation of objects that are not visible. The visualization of sound, the linking of unconnected objects and representation of freedom within creation, magical realism.

Minima Hotel

So close to everything.

  1. Majestic Minima Hotel You are here
  2. Free Bus to City Centre 75m
  3. Women & Children's Hospital 850m
  4. Adelaide Zoo 1km
  5. Adelaide Oval 1.4km
  6. Art Gallery & Museum 2.1km
  7. City Centre 2.1km